What is the Optimum Risk Zone?
It is defined as the personal and organizational mind-state where risk works as an advantage! It unlocks and heightens a person’s positive, creative energy so one operates in an elevated and highly productive mode.
Organizations that know how to achieve and utilize the Optimum Risk Zone adapt, innovate, and effortlessly outpace the competition.
Who Should Attend?
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Embedded Leaders
  • Sales Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Training Professionals

Enter Your Optimum Risk Zone™

Utilizing the Optimum Risk Zone to Improve Your Bottom Line

Organizations and individuals typically fall into two categories: First, there are the hip-shooters who take unnecessary risks that result in catastrophic outcomes. The opposite is the group that avoids all risk, fails to adapt, and is lost in the dust. The Optimal Risk Zone allows individuals, singularly and collectively, to reap the rewards of profitable innovation.

You will discover how risk is:
1. A necessary and positive component within healthy organizations

2. Essential to maintaining your competitive edge in the marketplace

3. The catalyst to innovation

4. The unifier in powerful, cohesive teams


The Spirit of Risk

Why Risk Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Businesses have historically used extensive measures to minimize risk. However, the accountant’s view of risk ignores the human need for, and creative value in, taking risks. Without employing risk, today’s businesses can face quick extinction.

Embracing and cultivating the Spirit of Risk provides the individual and the company with the “secret sauce” for success.

You will discover:
1. Human beings must have risk in their lives

2. Risk provides a challenge and an energy for positive growth

3. Risk awakens the genius in the organization

4. Risk creates a unifying cause that bonds teams and drives them to succeed

5. Risk is a magnet that attracts resources to solve seemingly unsolvable problems